Coalition Agreement Betekenis

Coalition Agreement Betekenis

Political parties that want to form a new cabinet must first agree on a draft coalition agreement negotiated by the group presidents led by one or more formats, and then submitted for opinion to the groups that represent the coalition parties in the House of Representatives. The more opinions there are, the more likely it is that further negotiations between the planned coalition partners will become necessary. The fact that the political groups do not find enough objectives in the party`s programme in the coalition agreement, for example, can be problematic. In such a case, the training may still fail. The goal is to present a provincial coalition contract early next month. Despite criticism from party elders, the VVD and the Brabant CDA, after the collapse of the provincial government, are advancing the formation of a coalition with the far-right Forum for Democracy. In the coalition agreement, the government defines what it wants to achieve in the next legislature: for example, a reduction in unemployment, a cleaner environment without harming the economy and more money for education. The coalition parties want to implement as many of their party programmes as possible in the coalition agreement. Refugees/Family Reunification: The previous government (also a CDU/SPD grand coalition) suspended the right of refugees with „limited protection“ to pick up their families. The new coalition agreement stipulates that this will be limited to 1,000 people per month. In addition, the total number of asylum seekers received will be limited to 180,000 to 220,000 per year.

Defence and development: The coalition agreement is vague on this point and commits to spending an additional €2 billion ($2.46 billion) on „international responsibility“ and medium-term investment plans of around €9 billion, but the subject remains controversial between the parties. All investments in development will be linked to an increase in defence spending. The project to regroup refugee families has been one of the coalition`s most controversial topics In particular, the political fate of the CDA took a big hit after joining a coalition government backed by Geert Wilders` anti-immigration PVV in 2010. . .


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