Sub-Participation Agreement Deutsch

Sub-Participation Agreement Deutsch

On the reference date, the issuer will enter into a bank savings sub-participation contract (the bank savings sub-participation contract). Results: 131. Exactly: 3. Processing time: 409 ms. Under a master sub-participation contract on savings deposits, the participant concerned will pay an initial amount of compensation and other compensatory amounts to the CBC in exchange for a participation. This means that, with respect to Category 3 receivables to which a master sub-participation contract applies, an amount equal to the participation is deducted. As soon as a sub-participation master contract comes into effect, the member may not be able to pay savings premiums to the CBC, for example. B because he has in principle committed to keeping the savings in his bank account with the initiator concerned. Translate the text of each application or website into a single click Unless (i) a transmitter acceleration message, a payment message or (ii) a CBC speed message are sent, all amounts payable by or to the CBC under the master`s bid contract must be paid by or to the issuer on its own behalf. , in accordance with the pre-notice priority to be paid.


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