Uwa Nteu Agreement

Uwa Nteu Agreement

👉🏼 Join your union: nteu.org.au/join ✊🏽 organize to win 2021 Every new member makes us stronger. Now it`s time to participate… www.nteu.org.au/join ANU, UWA and WSU staff vote on proposals to vary the respective agreements for university companies 😡 require employees to stop their research? It`s not okay. 👉 Join your union: nteu.org.au/join NTEU members who oppose the EAV fear that the contract change will not save jobs, but shows management that workers are simple goals. They produced a video that advertises the „no“ case. 👉 Join your union and withdraw the university: nteu.org.au/join In response to the proposal of the Murdoch Academic Offers Directorate (AOP), NTEU has launched swift action to ensure that the University Senate „reconsiders its thinking.“ Anyone can participate, so take 2 minutes today to send your message to the Senate of Murdoch University: www.nteu.org.au/murdoch/rethink A NTEU Fightback flyer UWA said, The UWA Vice-Chancellor and UWA National Directorate „sold the modification of the enterprise agreement to avoid job cuts,“ but the EAV clauses explicitly authorize „forced dismissals, with protection for casual cases being low and unforced, unless these casual claimants can be „reasonable“ in a „reasonable expectation“ of work in progress. Through the changes to enterprise agreements, we have avoided cancellations and layoffs as a direct result of COVID19, and the Covid19 Temporary Measures Committee (CTMC) has successfully renewed contracts,“ said Catherine Moore, VA Secretary at the National Tertiary Education Union. „There is a major concern among Murdoch University staff that the Senate is working in secret and without control,“ he said. „This change is on the back of the great sacrifice UWA staff have already made to help the university emerge from the COVID 19 crisis – the university has a duty to clarify employees, treat them with respect and protect their jobs.“ Solidarity with our comrades from the United Workers Union for their national boycott of Coles. ✊🏽 In addition, UWA had $2.1 billion in assets and a consolidated operating budget of $121 million last year, which means it could easily afford to absorb the costs of the pandemic crisis.

This appears to be supported by modelling by Ian Marshman and Frank Larkins of the Centre for the Study of Higher Education, which found that UWA had „sufficient reserves to cover all cases of short- and long-term losses“ from the decline in international enrolment of students due to the pandemic.


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