Vive La Vitesse 

The City of Paris bets on automation to optimize its future mobility equation.

Giesecke + Devrient / BSA

Editor in Chief / Photography

Juni 2018

The Construction Site of the Century.

The Grand Paris Express is not just a transportation project. It is an economic, social, urban and environmental plan, which will strengthen Paris’ position as one of the most attractive cities in the world. Automation plays a crucial role at the „construction site of the century“ that will, when finished, transform a whole metropolis. Voilà, c’est le GPE, short for Grand Paris Express. One of ten projects to develop the French conurbation in the middle of the Ile de France into a metropolitan region similar to Greater London.

Line 14, Paris metro. He who stands at the head of it, is speeding into the void.

More multimodal, more integrated

The GPE consists in a fundamental rethink, redesign and focus on the public transport network on the scale of the metropolitan area.

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